Sunday, 11 December 2011

Not Just A Good Idea....

In the world of broadcast sound, we often find ourselves coming up against the same problems again and again. This got me thinking; maybe we should publish a more "scientific" statement of some of the things that affect us?

In the last few months I've been posting some of these on Twitter; although the list is by no means complete or exhaustive, it has just reached its tenth entry, so this seems like an appropriate time to have a recap. Each one of these has a story behind it....

Jake's First Ten Laws Of Sound

Jake's 1st Law: It's all about gain. Nothing else matters.

Jake's 2nd Law: The shortest distance between two points is a taut patch-cord.

Jake's 3rd Law: An estate car full of gear will always find it's own level at the first roundabout.

Jake's 4th Law: A limiter with a 24dB gain reduction meter is a challenge.

Jake's 5th Law: Compression ratios of less than 4:1 are for wimps.

Jake's 6th Law: The limiter on an SQN is the finest ever built by the hand of Man.

Jake's 7th Law: Any show you set up should be only as complicated as it needs to be. And NO more!

Jake's 8th Law: It is the absolute right of every UK broadcast sound mixer to peak all the way to 6 if they so choose.

Jake's 9th Law: A studio audience is a wild, capricious beast, and its fader does not wish to stay still. Indulge it!

Jake's 10th Law: Nobody else cares about sound. Until it goes wrong.

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